Customer Reviews


What are our customers saying about us?
  • I like my VRP Comm tool! It makes my motors nice and true.
    Jeff Parker, Customer
  • These products are the absolute best and really works wonders when trying to enhance your racing program. Highly recommended for those wishing to add another diagnostic tool to their testing equipment!
    Anonymous, Customer
  • VRP products have helped me build faster, smoother running, better handling cars than I could build without them.
    Bill Craven, Customer
  • I have been using VRP products for about 3 years now. Since using there products my racing has improved quit a bit. The customer service I have received has been excellent. I passing on there name to other racers with confidence. Looking forward to see what they come up with next. Keep up the good work.
    Jeff Harrison, Customer
  • I find the quality of the products quite impressive . I was also pleased to see 2 dynos test the same car and give the same result. This is excellent evidence of the repeatability of the results of any testing you do.
    Durf Hyson, Customer
  • The quality is excellent and the products work very well.
    Dwayne Hoyle, Customer
  • When you think about VRP, you think the best!
    Robert Shell, Customer